Bali chains and traditional chains like Cuban, Rope, Franco, Cable, Figaro, how are they different?

Sterling silver

Bali chains are solid and bold style that involving handmade at almost all the manufacturing process, its textures are braided manually by skilled-hand with attention to detail and utmost precision, so that makes Bali chains difficult to make in very small and thin measurement just like in a machine-level precision.

Unlike the traditional chains that are machine-made which easy to make in very small and thin measurement, possibly in just a millimeter wide or less, Bali chains are typically bolder and thicker than the traditional chains with minimum measurement 2.5mm wide or diameter.

Traditional chains include but are not limited to Cuban, Curb, Rope, Franco, Rolo, Cable, Figaro, Ball, Beaded, Anchor, Box, Byzantine, Snake, Herringbone, Wheat. Some of them are known to be originated from Italy.

Due to its bold style, Bali chains are great looking fashion by just wearing it alone without pendant, or being layered by two chains at different length.

When it comes to pairing a chain with a pendant, here is everything you need to know:

  • Traditional chains are more supple with flexible links movement so that it will look better to pair with a pendant, while Bali chains are bolder, more solid and stiff so that it will look better to wear it alone or layered without pendant.
  • Traditional chains have so many variants and thin measurement options that can easily fit into the insert of all kinds pendant’s bail opening hole, while Bali chains are bold and solid with bigger clasp that won’t easily be fit into most pendant’s bail. If you’d like to pair your Bali chain with a pendant, make sure that your pendant’s bail opening is big enough to fit in.
  • Traditional chains fall beautifully in V-shape on your neck because of its supple links, while Bali chains fall in U-shape on your neck because of its bold and stiff textures.
  • Traditional chains are possible to made in hollow for lightweight feel and lower cost of production. You might find the hollow option in the jewelry commerce. While Bali chains are handmade, it is impossible to make the hollow version.