What is two-tone jewelry? Your guide to two-tone jewelry design

What is two-tone jewelry

Two-tone jewelry is one of the best-selling DEVATA collections, it is a fusion of two metal colors that blend perfectly into harmony in a jewelry design. It could be a fusion of sterling silver and yellow gold, or white gold and yellow gold, or white gold and rose gold.

DEVATA two-tone collection is made of sterling silver with 18K yellow gold accent. It is real solid 18K gold, not gold-plated, not gold-vermeil, not gold-toned.

Why is it 18K yellow gold, not 14K yellow gold?

While 14K yellow gold is better fit for everyday wear, its pale-yellow color doesn’t stand out in contrast with sterling silver as much as 18K yellow gold color.

18K yellow gold color makes perfect blend with sterling silver into a beautiful jewelry design just like DEVATA two-tone collection.

How do I know if the product I bought is sterling silver with real 18K gold material?

Sterling silver jewelry must be stamped “925” and 18 karat gold must be stamped “18K” anywhere on the jewelry part, typically at the hidden part of the jewelry, either on the back side or on the clasp, so the stamping mark won’t disturb the beautiful design of the jewelry.